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simulation of feed me

feed me is an instagram based artistic research project, questioning the function of the personal feed as a curatorial space. It approaches Richters idea of an atlas seen as a collection. 

The position of the viewer is an active one so that he becomes part of the artwork.  The artwork is shown in forms of various sliding images, posted on 12 consecutive days. The order of each slide, so the first image shown on the feed is naturally selected by the algorithm. Neither the viewer, nor the artist can choose the constellation of the pictorial space.  

Does it make sense? Does it make more sense when I come back another time? Is it a whole? Are these pieces? The algorithm as a curator ? 


Through collecting as an artistic method, the created works will be placed in a new context including the viewer. 

This project acts in the sense of a collection: to show possibilities and perspectives without claiming completeness.


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